A Healthy Look Into the World of Vitamins Infographic

A Healthy Look Into the World of Vitamins Infographic

Dr. Nikola Djordjevic from MedAlertHelp.org recently shared a fantastic infographic with The Dripclub that details the role vitamins play in our lives in a simple and colourful way. We think it is important for any health conscious person to learn more and understand what role they play in order for our bodies to function properly.

While we typically ingest vitamins orally through maintaining a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutritious foods, The Dripclub provides IV Nutrient Therapy for those who need to operate at peak fitness levels, receive immune therapy boosts and rapidly replenish lost nutrients among other reasons.

Covering all of the necessary information at a glance, A Healthy Look Into the World of Vitamins covers the uses of all vitamins, the signs of their deficiency, the minimum intake for males an females, and their natural sources in a helpful and colourful infographic that we hope you’ll enjoy. Don’t forget to share this blog post if you agree!

You’ll also learn about information regarding the natural sources, uses, daily requirements and deficiency signs of all 13 vitamins. Enjoy!

World of Vitamins infographic