The Antiviral Powers Of Vitamin C That You Need To Know

The Antiviral Powers of Vitamin C That You Need to Know

The Antiviral Powers of Vitamin C that you Need to Know

Vitamin C, you just got to have it! This valuable vitamin has been doing wonders in the human body even long before it was discovered in the 1930s. It is wrapped with a surplus of benefits that are excellent for your body. Oh, what better way to kick start the new year? Grab some Vitamin C! 

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that your body needs to develop and function effectively. It is essential for the repair of bones, tissues and cells. It is a water-soluble vitamin which means the body does not store it. Therefore, you have to consume it daily to get its benefits to your body. The average daily intake is 500mg along with your usual fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C Foods

Where is it found?

This precious vitamin may be hanging around in your garden and you don’t even know it. It is found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Here are some rich sources of Vitamin C:

  • Cherries
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Guavas
  • Tomatoes
  • Green vegetables

Some foods have added Vitamin C. If you are not a pill fan, no worries, you can try the vitamin C gummies. You can hop on over to your favourite grocery store, bet there will be Vitamin C gummies in bundles. Oh wait, there is more! They are also available as effervescent tablets.

How it works

  • Protects the immune system
  • Repairs damaged cells, tissues, tendons and muscles
  • Tackles high blood pressure
  • Treats and prevents gout
  • Improve the absorption of iron

Its Action on Viruses

Enough talking already. Let’s get down to how Vitamin C helps to kick viruses to the curve. Whenever there is a high concentration of Vitamin C in the bloodstream, it acts by deactivating any virus present. Whenever a person has a viral infection, the body quickly pulls on the Vitamin C that is present, thus reducing its ability to repair damaged cells and tissues. Vitamin C also has the ability to reduce inflammation, pain and fever.

So, in short, if you are sick due to the presence of a virus, consuming a large volume of Vitamin C might help to rid your system of the virus.  While this is still a controversial topic, researchers are still trying to prove this claim. While you’re at it, a little Vitamin C won’t hurt.

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