August 2019 Dripclub News

August 2019 Dripclub News

August 2019 Dripclub News – Winter issue

As the days grow longer, we’re getting excited to herald in the fast approaching the Spring season.

While the days are sprinkled here and there with clear skies and warmth, we’re still reminded that the truly warmer weather is a ways off, so staying motivated and keeping well.

This month we’ve written an interesting blog about the Rise of Brotox – anti-wrinkle injections for men which was recently featured in the morning news and is becoming a fast growing trend.

Our August specials are now available, so if you’re wanting a little revitalisation, some anti-wrinkle injections, or are battling a cough, cold or flu, stop by The Dripclub!

On behalf of everyone at The Dripclub, we wish you the very best and a healthy August!

Shifting Health Paradigms for a New World!

The Rise of Brotox - Anti-wrinkle injecitons for men

The Rise of Brotox – Anti-wrinkle Injections for Men

According to recent studies, there’s been an astonishing 258% rise in the number of men getting Botox over the last decade. Whether that’s due to the rise of social media, or other factors, the rise of Brotox (anti-wrinkle injections for men) clearly shows that a treatment traditionally seen as a female beauty procedure, is now much more acceptable and desirable by the opposite sex.

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