Brand Ambassador Profiles

Brand Ambassador Profiles

Dee Shepard

Tell us a bit about yourself! What are your passions, and what motivates you?

I have been employed as Partnership & Communications Executive with Adelaide Footy League since December 2012 after spending a few years with Sturt Football Club as Corporate Service Manager prior to a long profession as Executive Assistant to Phil Hoffmann at Phil Hoffmann Travel.

I have travelled extensively and often hosted large groups throughout many countries. One of my most personal achievements was trekking in the Himalayas. Not only was the scenery outstanding but the culture and people were heart-warming.

My foremost background has been in travel but I was given an opportunity many years ago to focus on sponsorship in Australian Football rules. The leap from travel to footy was challenging yet exciting. I love footy and feel very privileged to work in the code.

Over the years and working among great people in my networks I have accomplished several achievements and goals. Raising money and working with charities and recently holding the position of Ambassador for Ovarian Cancer SA has given me a wonderful opportunity to meet amazing people. Volunteering is good for the soul.

Working in football involves a long season;  quieter months during the summer – then peak 7 – 8 months. Hours are long and sometimes weeks roll into one…I get motivation from knowing I am doing something for our community. With the League expanding I know that we are reaching more people in our communities. This certainly is a passion. I believe if there is something you want to do – do it. You’re not a tree, you can move if you are not happy.

What advice would you give others who want to strive for excellence in their sport and life?

If you have a passion for something whether it be business, hobby or sport, take the first step and then never look back. Study, practise and learn.

I find with a work life balance I tend to cope with the busy times. You need to take time out and switch off. Recently attending the Dripclub after major surgery I have definitely seen a great result in my recovery and inner health. I have more energy and I feel brighter.

I’m looking forward to working with the Dripclub team and seeing where my new levels of wellness and energy go.

DJ Josh


*Certified CrankIt Fitness Instructor

*Certified Punchfit Instructor

Certificate 4 in Fitness, Master trainer

Certificate 3 in Fitness (Regency TAFE)

IAPC Body Building course certificate

Nutrition for sport & exercise (Sports dietitians Australia)

Senior First Aid

6th Place Novice in 2008 INBA body building SA state titles

6th Place in Intermediate 2009 INBA body building SA titles

Gym manager and admin coordinator

Completed Ultimate Achiever Education course

Certified Mindset Coach

Certified High performance Trainer

Certified High performance nutrition Coach

Certified Boot camp Instructor (bootcamp Aust)

Certified Power bags & rope Instructor (Kettle Bells Aust)

Fundamentals of MMA conditioning Strike Boxing & Kickboxing

Fundamentals of MMA conditioning Level 1 Kettle bells & Power Bags – MMA fitness

RehabFX – CrankIt & AIK

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am one of Adelaide’s longest running award winning DJ’s who has spent the past decade in my second career choice of PT and gym coordinator at Iron Industry Gym. Both roles are demanding and rewarding and I can say I love my Jobs and most days I can be under the pump it really doesn’t feel like work to me. I love to work with people, help people and pretty much make people happy through dance or health and well being both go hand in hand.

What are your passions?

Apart from the above mentioned I love my BMX bike, skateboards and Dancing to good music if Im not playing it.

What motivates you?

I am 100% self motivated, but what really does motivate me is people who I aspire to, people who are as passionate about their lives and careers as much as I am. There is nothing more rewarding that spending time with like minded individuals.

What routines help you perform at your optimum?

Daily walks in the morning, training at the gym, eating clean 90% of the time. My monthly chiro and physic appointments and I cannot do without the help of my IV vitamins and help from the Dripclub.

What advice would you give others who want to strive for excellence in their sport and life?

Don’t settle for less, always raise the bar on yourself, be disciplined and listen to your body. Stay hydrated, fuelled right and get regular health check ups even if you think your fit and healthy. You body is the only thing you should invest your money into because without it you have nothing.

What advice can you give someone who would want to succeed in your field?

Have a goal, have a plan, have a time frame, be disciplined and practice your craft! Continual training and knowledge is the key you never know enough and for me both worlds are always evolving so always learning. Have a drive like you have a lion chasing you its how you >tackle your career and your mindset that will bring you success.

Whats next for you?

One day retirement at a decent young age and be healthy enough to enjoy it with lots of travel and BMX riding.

James Newbury

What are your passions? Crossfit and my family.

What motivates you? Feeling good and being healthy.

What routines help you perform at your optimum? Keeping up with a good nights sleep and drinking lots of water and regular IV Therapies. 

What advice would you give others who want to strive for excellence in their sport and life? Be consistent. Consistency is the key.

What advice can you give someone who would want to succeed in your field? Have a positive mindset, have a good life balance and strive to be your best.

Whats next for you? Not sure yet, focusing on family and business.

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