December 2019 Dripclub News

Dripclub December 2019 News

DECEMBER 2019 – Summer Edition

December 2019 Dripclub News – Summer issue

Welcome to the December issue of The Dripclub newsletter!

Although there are lots of last minute preparations keeping us busy, we’re excited to bring in another fast approaching holiday season.

We have a couple of fantastic December specials including PRP Treatments and 20% off Gift Certificates – perfect for thse hard to buy for family and friends!

Our new blog post on Common Nutrient Deficiencies that Contribute to Depression is insighful for those concerned about how diet can affect our mood.

Don’t forget that on 11 December, Chique is putting on a one-day pampering session with a skin expert from Synergie Skin. Attendees will receive a 1-on-1 consultation to achieve maximum results from the Synergie Skincare range, followed by 45 minutes of pampering with these amazing products. The cost is just $50 for one person, or $80 if you bring a friend … so why not make a day of it? CLICK HERE or call 1300 CHIQUE for details.

From everyone at The Dripclub, we hope you all have a terrific December and holiday season!

Shifting Health Paradigms for a New World!

Common Nutrient Deficiencies that Contribute to Depression

Healthy Body, Health Mind
Common Nutrient Deficiencies that Contribute to Depression

Feeling a bit down? It could be related to Nutrient Deficiency …

If you’ve ever gone for help to cope with depression, anxiety, or both, it’s safe to assume that the result was receiving a pharmaceutical prescription. And let’s face it, while antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can be effective short-term fixes, they are not the solution.

… So what essential nutrients do our bodies need to stay balanced mentally?

Read more here.

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