February 2020 Dripclub News

February 2020 Dripclub Newsletter

FEBRUARY 2020 – Summer Edition

Welcome to the mid February issue of The Dripclub newsletter!

As we welcome in the festival season, the Dripclub staff have been keeping busy putting together new specials, informative articles, and preparing for upcoming events.

With the Coronavirus making international news, we are sharing some exciting information about the protective powers of Vitamin C, and how it may be useful in the fight against virus infection.

There’s also an amazing TVNZ video we’re sharing that features Anton Kuraia’s testimony regarding Vitamin C and his terminal cancer.

We have some great February Specials to get into, all designed to get you looking and feeling great. You can book a beauty drip for just $99 when purchased with an advanced skin treatment, and don’t miss out on our lip filler with a friend special, as well as our skin analysis with mini facial.

Later this month, The Dripclub will be sponsoring DFCX, which we are really looking forward to on 29 February. Click on the link to get your tickets, and we will see you there!

From all of us here at The Dripclub, we hope you all have a fantastic Fringe February!

Shifting Health Paradigms for a New World!

Can Vitamin C Protect Against Coronavirus?

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Jan 26, 2020

Can Vitamin C Protect Against Coronavirus?

by Andrew W. Saul, Editor

(OMNS January 26, 2020) Still today, many people are unaware that the use of high doses of Vitamin C to prevent and combat virus-caused illness can be traced back to Vitamin C’s early success against polio, which was first reported in the late 1940s. Additional clinical evidence built up over the decades lead to an anti-virus protocol published in 1980, and on this basis, the author notes that the coronavirus pandemic could be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of Vitamin C. READ MORE

Vitamin C for Cancer Treatment

Vitamin C for Cancer Treatments?

‘Miracle man’ Anton Kuraia’s highly controversial treatment

BY TVNZ – Watch this amazing story of how one man miraculously overcame the odds and beat cancer using a safe but highly controversial Vitamin C treatment regimen. In the second part of the video, his astounding response is also supported by research that reveals science may back his belief.

Read more and watch the video here.

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