Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Putting YOU in the driver’s seat for life-long wellness. Invest in yourself and see the benefits for life.

Genome Testing

When we improved the human genome in 2008 it was a huge progression into how individual difference in our genes effect our health, the study of genomics was born! Just 0.1% of our genome is unique. Yet this fraction defines who we are by influencing how we respond to food, exercise and other environmental factors. It is now possible to scientifically incorporate individual genetic responses into lifestyle, diet, supplementation and treatment solutions. Find out how your body ticks at DNA level. Find out how you can optimise your health and performance while reducing your risk of chronic diseases. The Dripclub is proud to you bring this cutting edge technology.

The Dripclub offers a range of nutrigenomic tests covering many aspects of health, performance and chronic disease. The four main profile tests or “panels” available are DNA Health, DNA Diet, DNA Oestrogen & DNA Sport

Gut Biome Analysis

HEAL YOUR GUT AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! Your ability to digest and selectively absorb nutrients from the diet is one of the cornerstones of good health. Medical science is discovering more and more the immense importance of how our internal gut micro-organisms work together to keep the body healthy. Many factors such as stress, antibiotics and lifestyle impact the balance of your “internal rainforest” that works like a delicate symphony inside the gut to maintain, protect and nourish you. Get your personalised report and let us guide you through your individual treatment plan to bring you back into balance.

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