Hair Loss: Don’t Grin and Bear It

Hair Loss Treatments with PRP Therapy

Hair Loss: Don’t Grin and Bear It

Reversing Hair Loss with PRP Therapy and Holistic Treatments

Hair loss can begin early in life for some, but typically it is much more common after 50 years of age. Although it isn’t considered a medical condition, many choose a variety of techniques in order to retain a more youthful appearance.

In fact, premature baldness is an incredibly common issue with 60% of men and 40% of women being affected, so if you’re feeling a little too exposed, take note – you’re definitely not alone! 

While there as been a variety of treatments and procedures over the years, PRP therapy has emerged as a new and promising technique to slow and even reverse this common condition. The Dripclub takes this a step further by combining PRP Therapy with LED Light Therapy and take-home follicle rejuvenating products in a three month holistic package.

Here’s how it works

What Causes Hair Loss?

Reduced hair growth has been attributed to several factors including stress, medications, fungal infections, hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and even genetics.

The biochemical cause for hair loss is a pesky metabolite called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The oil glads of hair follicles contain an enzyme called Type II 5-alpha reductase, which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into DHT. The role of DHT in the body includes controlling the growth phase of the hair follicle.

If there is an abundance of DHT in the hair follicle it will shrink. Simultaneously, the membrane of the scalp thickens reducing blood circulation to the area. Eventually, the hair follicle will degenerate to the point where growth is no longer possible. While the follicle has become dormant, the hair continues to fall out without regeneration, resulting in baldness.

Hair Loss Graphic

Common Treatment Options

Drugs such as Minoxidil and Finasteride are often prescribed, but they also come with potential side effects:

  • Minoxidil may cause dryness and itching on the scalp.
  • Finasteride may cause sexual dysfunction in men.

Hair transplantation is another option, but requires cuts into the scalp, recovery time is longer and results can be quite mixed – often disappointing.

What Else Can Be Done About Hair Loss?

The Dripclub has put together a special 3 month holistic treatment package to combat hair loss from a variety of angles that includes both in-clinic treatments and take-home rejuvenating products.

In-clinic Treatment Procedures include:

  • Monthly PRP Treatments to stimulate and increase circulation
  • Weekly LED Light Therapy

Our Take-home Follicle Rejuvenating Package provides a compilation of lotions and supplements specifically chosen to rejuvenate and improve the integrity of damaged follicles, inhibit DHT production and deliver nutrients that will stimulate hair growth with an emphasis on Vitamin B12.

For the month of February, The Dripclub will be offering 40% off this package as part of our discounts on PRP Treatments. If hair loss is a concern of yours, do not hesitate to book a consultation to take advantage of this generous offer.  

The Wonders of Vitamin B12

Vitamins are important to the body as they form part of the structure of enzymes. Enzymes are required to facilitate biochemical reactions that keep out bodies functioning. Although they are important, they are not something our bodies can produce themselves, we must therefore ensure we are obtaining sufficient vitamins from our food or seek appropriate advice for supplementation.

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning that it is quickly excreted from our bodies and must be replenished frequently. Only microorganisms can produce Vitamin B12, plants, humans and animals are unable to synthesise it’s complex structure. Grazing animals obtain the vitamin from soil. Most humans consumed B12 through animal products. Increases in lifestyles that are free from animal products has caused alarm for possible deficiencies in Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 assists in the synthesis of red blood cells and facilitates the citric acid cycle (a series of biochemical processes important for energy production). Deficiencies in this important vitamin can result in mood changes, weakness, memory loss, pernicious anaemia and reduced activity of bone synthesising cells (osteoblasts).

For the month of February, The Dripclub is offering a Vitamin B12 Booster for just $12 with any purchase of a gift voucher over $60.

Sounds promising? If you’re looking for a natural, holistic way to treat hair loss, contact us for an initial consultation.