Infrared Sunlighten m-Pulse Sauna available at the Dripclub Norwood.

Infrared Sunlighten m-Pulse Sauna available at the Dripclub Norwood.

At The Dripclub we aim to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals by offering a selection of highly targeted health and wellness solutions One such solution, is our Sunlighten m-Pulse Infrared sauna, which is great for detoxification, skin health, mental health, immunity, endocrine health, exercise recovery, longevity, cardiovascular fitness and lymphatic circulation.

Sunlighten is one of the world’s leading infrared sauna producers, and the m-Pulse is Sunlighten’s flagship sauna. The Dripclub has judiciously selected the Sunlighten m-Pulse IR Sauna, as it provides users with the full spectrum (near, mid, and far wavelengths) of infrared light. The full spectrum of wavelengths allows for an equal spectrum of health and wellness benefits as each wavelength confers its own unique benefits.

Much of the IR Sauna health benefits originate from the (principal) far infrared wavelength… but what about near and mid?

  • Near infrared light, most notably, has anti-inflammatory, skin rejuvenating properties (the heat opens up the pores and the NIR also interacts directly with the epithelial, or skin, cells)
  • Mid infrared light particularly targets the soft tissue (muscles and joints) and is useful in dealing with exercise or injury recovery.

Contrasting to the conventional saunas, which work by heating up the air around us, the benefits of IR saunas are derived from infrared spectrum light, which heats your body internally, producing a ‘deeper’ sweat.

Infrared sauna stimulates a passive (rather than an active) sweat. To sweat passively is to sweat whilst in a ‘rest and digest’ state. In this state, our body is able to mobilise and excrete toxins more readily. To put this into perspective, with the IR sauna, only 80-85 percent of your sweat is water by volume. The remaining volume is comprised of cholesterol, toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals and so on. This makes IR sauna a wonderful resource in your detoxification tool kit.

In addition to the health benefits of detoxification, regular saunas are also an excellent weight loss tool and an aid for cardiovascular health as well as positively impacting our blood glucose and insulin concentrations.

Plus, in today’s modern age with our busy lifestyles and accumulative worries, IR Saunas are an incredible stress reduction tool, with regular use helping to modulate stress hormone (e.g., cortisol) production. Many users, as a result, also report markedly improved sleep.

The Sunlighten m-Pulse infrared sauna really is that good!

To maximum results, and better aid your well-being, there are a few best practices to consider:

The ideal temperature setting is a comfortable 45-55C, and the ideal duration is 30-60 minutes. It is advised you work your way up to increased temperature and duration incrementally.

Best results are achieved with a series of saunas and these can be packaged at the Dripclub, along with other therapies such as IV nutrient therapy, ice baths, and colonic irrigation. These solutions together will elevate your results, and can be discounted when you book them together.