About The Dripclub

About The Dripclub

Our clinicians provide a wide variety of beneficial treatments and procedures in addition to IV Nutrient therapies.


 The Dripclub is the industry leader in the delivery of intravenous nutrient therapy, cosmetic injectables and medical skin and body treatments.

Speak to one of our specialist medical staff who have received Certified training about the benefits and delivery of intravenous (IV) nutrients. They’ll help you to decide on the perfect drip for you. Working closely with external medical and allied health professionals, The Dripclub can also custom make a drip for your specific requirements.

Relax in The Dripclub lounge and sip on one of the fresh, healthy beverages from our refreshment menu. Get well-deserved me time while taking care of your wellbeing. Treatments are booked to fit your schedule, and you can opt to have a skin treatment or cosmetic injectables while having your drip! There is no long wait time for appointments, so we invite you to experience the most effective way to go beyond surviving and reach for maximum vitality, longevity and performance

Shifting Health Paradigms for a New World!

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Change the Way You Think About Wellness!

The Dripclub provides medical treatments and because we are a regulated medical business, if you would like specific information about our services and IV Nutrients, we must send it directly via email. By submitting your information, it is understood that you will be requesting medical information.

*Download our complete IV Nutrient brochure here