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Want a specially formulated drip to focus on a particular issue? Look no further. Dripclub Premium Drips represent our favourite blends that are also popular with regular clients. Done in only 30 mins, which one will be your new favourite?

Heart and Metal Detox

This drip acts as a mild chelator. Think of it as a little magnet that goes through the body and attracts heavy metals and draws them out. Heavy metal toxicity can interfere with the body’s own processes leading to an array of symptoms. Chelation therapy, with repeated administration, has also shown to be useful with treatment of vascular conditions. Reduce atherosclerotic plaque and other mineral deposits throughout the cardiovascular system by literally dissolving them away! For added value, please ask our staff about our Chelation Protocol Packages. This procedure is fully supervised by a qualified doctor. Ask us if our detox program can help you.



This blend is especially for you and your complexion. Rejuvenate your body from the inside out and make your skin and body glow! Ask our staff about our Inside Out Total Skin and Body Rejuvenation Packages, available only at The Dripclub.


Daily Energy – Modified Meyer’s Cocktail

This drip is the most popular one with our regular and new clients. It was the IV Drip that started it all, originally formulated by Dr John Meyer in the 1970’s. Enjoy the reduction in oxidative stress that this soothing antioxidant cocktail provides. Chill out, improve muscle relaxation and get a great night’s sleep!

Brain and Liver Cleanser

This drip includes a powerful nutrient for detoxifying the liver and brain as well as recycling other antioxidants within the body.



The Anti-Oxidant is an ideal blend for people suffering from intense oxidative stress. With your oncologist’s supervision, this cocktail would be particularly useful for clients undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments.



Want something to help kick that cold in the butt? This is it. Help ward off colds and viruses. This is the go-to treatment to help boost your immune system when protecting against a wide variety of common illnesses.


Great for athletes and high performing individuals.


Sports Recovery

If you train hard, this blend is for you! Feed your muscles what they need to recover.



This drip will protect and revitalise you either before or after your flight. Air travel is draining, and colds, flu and fatigue often result from long hours in the air, time zone differences and the recycled air- conditioning systems on aircraft.


Mega Mineral

This drip contains all your essential trace minerals essential for many physiological and biochemical processes in the body, including the formation of bones and teeth.



The perfect rescue remedy for menstrual cramps. If you ever feel like someone is grabbing your insides and twisting them, or have trouble sleeping and need relief but the hot water bottle just isn’t enough, this it the solution for you.


The Socialite

Too much fun and over indulgence the night before? The Dripclub can bring you back to your best with The Socialite add-on.

The Socialite is best added to one of our premium drips, but may also be added to a solo drip. Help your body to banish dehydration, nausea and that splitting headache. Great for travellers and people attending conferences and for those who have simply had one too many.


Sports Performance

Train hard? This blend may be for you! Help your body rebuild faster and get the edge on your mates! Sport Performance Drip may also be made up to comply with ASADA regulations.

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