Tested Athlete Shots

Tested Athlete Shots

Tested Athlete Shots

Tested Athlete Shots

Specifically designed for athletes who must comply with ASADA and WADA guidelines. This drip may aid in the rapid recovery that athletes require. Most of our Solo or Premium Drips may be made into a tested Athlete Shot to comply with ASADA, WADA and sporting code guidelines, just ask!

Athletes will be provided with a comprehensive list of solutes in their drip upon request. Athletes are responsible for ensuring solutions given are approved by the relevant sporting codes, ASADA and WADA.

Contact us to schedule an athlete shot drip, or to learn more.

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The Dripclub provides medical treatments and because we are a regulated medical business, if you would like specific information about our services and IV Nutrients, we must send it directly via email. By submitting your information, it is understood that you will be requesting medical information.

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