Kim Papp Presents at the AIMN

Kim Papp presents IV Nutrition at AIMN Conference 2018

Kim Papp Presents at the AIMN

Last weekend, Kim Papp, founder of The Dripclub lectured at the Australasian Institute of Medical Nutrition (AIMN).  The presentation delivered was focusing on the emergence of infusion clinics (like The Dripclub) within the Australian medical landscape, and how vital it is that the highest standards of ethics and medical practice are maintained.  This medical training event was attended by doctors and nurses from all around Australasia.

Kim says, “The message is clear, it is vital that all infusion clinics around Australia comply with the regulations and legislation as they currently exists.  I have been made aware of too many infusion clinics are trying to operate in the ‘grey areas’ that exist in the legislation and this is not good enough nor is it compliant.  Inappropriate and possibly illegal operating policies and procedures may no only lead to the infusion clinic being open to litigation, but even more importantly may put public safety at risk!  It is vial that as responsible people within the medical industry that the operators of these consumer focused infusion clinics all know the rules and play by the rules.  Patient trust us when they come see us, it is important that we are trustworthy.”

Kim Papp AIMN Presentation IV Nutrient Therapy

Kim’s lecture was well received and she has since been asked to be a permanent lecturer at AIMN, presenting three times yearly at conferences around Australia.  This is a great acknowledgment for The Dripclub as a quality provider of Nutrient Infusions in setting the benchmark for industry standards.  Well done Kim!