March 2019 Dripclub News

March 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Dripclub News

As the summer season races into a very busy March, The Dripclub team would like to say a big thank you for being such a vital part of our family and this month have included some incredible specials.

Speaking of incredible, The Dripclub was at Chau Kaizen 22 February providing support for Damian ‘Obe’ Todd as he broke the world record when he battled 228 opponents in just 24 hours (on his birthday) to raise money for RUOK, a suicide prevention charity. Watch Kim’s pre-bout interview below.

We’ve also added a new blog post on Why Minerals Matter and introduced a new series of PRP Therapies designed to safely rejuvenate your body at the cellular level.

But we’re not done yet! Check out our fantastic infographic which outlines the Healthy World of Vitamins and a new Dripclub procedure for Reversing the Effects of Hair Loss.

Finally, we hope to see YOU at The Adelaide Showgrounds for The Adelaide Fitness Expo 30-31 March which promises to be jam packed with an inspiring weekend of sport, fitness, competition & fun.


Shifting Health Paradigms for a New World!

Damian Obe Todd & Kim Papp

Why Minerals Matter

Why Minerals Matter

The facts about minerals and why they’re important

Many people are aware that minerals are found in the earth and are vital building blocks from skyscrapers to cars and the things we use everyday, but did you know they also play a significant role within our own bodies? It’s true! Minerals matter for more than just building the things we use, but also to maintain and properly develop our own bodies.

Minerals help to keep our bones strong and our digestive systems functioning properly. They also help cells respond to insulin and aid in kidney function among other things.

Read more about why minerals matter here

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