Meet the Team: Dr. Arlyn Tombleson

Dr. Arlyn Tombleson

Meet the Team: Dr. Arlyn Tombleson

From the beginning of my clinical career, my background has been “holistic”.  Before it became ‘in vogue’, 35 years ago it just made sense to take a holistic approach to health issues.

My background has been from the beginning of my clinical career holistic in nature before it became in vogue 35 years ago because it just makes sense taking a holistic approach to health issues.  I have also worked under a variety of the old school naturopaths & chiropractors, four in total, who understood the value of natural therapies in their clinics.

The skills and experience I gained put me in good stead in developing my own clinics in South Australia and in New South Wales.  I have been blessed knowing these practitioners and I have developed my own reputation.  In recent times I have found complimentary therapies becoming popular by public demand, with consumers seeking complementary health modalities as well as safe alternatives.

I am pleased to join The Dripclub team.  I have a special appreciation of IV nutrient therapy, drips particular with Vitamin C as my father used IV nutritional therapy whilst suffering pancreatitis.  Today there are a number of combined ingredients to assist ones health.  I believe one of the major things a person can do to maintain their health is pH maintenance.  One of the services I am pleased to provide is urine testing to establish body acidity.  Please feel free to book an appointment at reception if you feel this may be useful for you.

You can visit my website at  You will see the many different modalities that I am qualified and registered for.

In addition to my normal practice, I have experience with high performing athletes.  I was the team chiropractor for 8 years for state, national and international Ice Hockey teams.  I am able to assist athletes in retrieval from sports injuries through chiropractic, nutrition and Bowen therapy.

I look forward to meeting you in the future and working as team with The Dripclub to benefit the clinic and to benefit you personally.