Mid August 2019 Dripclub News

Mid August Dripclub news

MID-AUGUST 2019 – Winter Edition

Mid August 2019 Dripclub News – Winter issue

While we patiently wait for longer, sunnier days, the daily progress of life unfolds around us often unnoticed.

For this mid-month edition, we take a look at how cell phones and other daily use devices pose quite serious health concerns. What we can do about them? Read this blog if you, or someone you know carries their cell phones on, or close to their bodies.

Don’t forget, we have some great oral and flu support specials this month as the cough and cold season is still here. A great way to introduce The Dripclub to a friend, if you know someone who is struggling to recover, send them our way!

– On behalf of The Dripclub staff, we hope you are all happy and doing well 🙂


Shifting Health Paradigms for a New World!

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Cell Phones and EMF Radiation Exposure Effects

Cell Phones & EMF Radiation Exposure Effects

Recent studies have shown an astonishing links to EMF radiation exposure and negative health effects like cancer. We are the first generation to be exposed to these levels of EMF radiation and it’s only getting worse. Industry and regulatory agencies keep repeating that EMFs “are perfectly safe”, but the more years go by, the more you might want to think about how you can reduce your own EMF exposure.

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