Mid January 2020 Dripclub News

Mid January Dripclub Newsletter

MID JANUARY 2020 – Summer Edition

Mid January 2020 Dripclub News – Summer issue

Welcome to the mid January issue of The Dripclub newsletter!

As another busy year is here in earnest, we’ve put together an insightful blog post on, The Antiviral Powers of Vitamin That You Need to Know

We also still have some great January Specials to get into this month including discounts our new Premium Drips Package, Synergie Skin and Beauty Chef.

On 29 February, The Dripclub will be sponsoring DFCX, so click on the link to get your tickets. Should be a great night!  

From all of us here at The Dripclub, we hope you all have a great month ahead!

Shifting Health Paradigms for a New World!

The Antiviral Powers of Vitamin C That You Need to Know

The Antiviral Powers Of Vitamin C That You Need To Know

Vitamin C, you just got to have it! This valuable vitamin has been doing wonders in the human body even long before it was discovered in the 1930s. It’s wrapped with a surplus of benefits that are excellent for your body. Oh, what better way to kick-start the new year? Grab some Vitamin C! Read more about the amazing antiviral powers of Vitamin C that you need to know in our new blog post.

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