Vitamin C and Zinc: The big two battle against colds and flu

Vitamin C and Zinc: The big two battle against colds and flu

Vitamin C and Zinc:

The Big Two Battle Against Colds and Flu

The ‘cold and flu’ term often used together, because of their similar symptoms. However, the causative organisms are different! Almost 200 different strains of viruses can cause cold symptoms, whereas A, B, and C are three different influenza virus strains which are responsible for flu symptoms1. So far, this year the prevalence rate of cold and flu attack almost doubled in South Australia in comparison with last year and death rate increases2. This medical crisis obviously creates a panic situation among people within 35 to 55 years of age, as they have to take care of their children and elderly members who are more susceptible to attack. However, ‘cold and flu’ is a communicable disease and can attack at any age. To reduce your risk of catching or passing on a cold or flu we recommend good hand hygiene, the wearing of face masks, staying at home if you are ill and a visit to your GP for further advice.  Being unwell can get in the way of work and home commitments, as most of us “do not have the time” to be sick!

In this situation a visit to The Dripclub for some Vitamin C and Zinc Drips can be an effective alternative therapy to beat the seasonal cold and flu attacks.

Benefits of Vitamin C and Zinc

Here are some curative and preventive health benefits of Vitamin C and Zinc against cold and flu.

Vitamin  C

Anti-viral effect of Vitamin C is effective against influenza A Virus (H3N2), boosts our both innate and adaptive immune functioning by improving cellular functioning as well as increasing the production of protein signaling (IFN-IL-1α/β) to active body defense mechanism against viral attack3,4. Vitamin C also has potent anti-oxidant property3. High dose of vitamin C is effective to provide symptomatic relief by acting as pain relievers and decongestants5.


The antiviral property of zinc is effective against H1N1 influenza virus along with fortifying our immune system by maintaining cell growth in immune system through taking part in protein synthesis. Zinc helps to cut down the period of cold attacks6. An additional benefit of zinc is prevention from flu-related complications including pneumonia7.

It is recommended that zinc should be taken immediately after the onset of cold symptoms and continued during the season to obtain preventive effect8. Zinc improves immunity by inhibiting IFN-a signaling9.

Why IV shots are a better option than an oral supplement?

Here are a few reasons why IV shots are a better option than taking an oral supplement.

  • The recommended oral dosage is quite high for both vitamin C and zinc10,11. Megadose intake of Vitamin C and zinc can cause gastric irritation.
  • Oral high dosage of Vitamin C and zinc can interact with other medicines.
  • Prolong zinc therapy can interrupt with copper metabolism12.
  • Unpalatable taste of high dosage of Vitamin C and zinc often causes nausea.
  • Patient in-compliance of oral therapy can also become a challenge to obtain the benefits of these complementary medicines.
  • It is not possible to achieve the plasma levels of Vitamin C required for antiviral effect through oral supplementation.  Only IV administration can lift plasma levels high enough to achieve an antiviral effect (Blanchard & Herokesh).

Do you fear to get an injection? When you analyse the benefits of intravenous (iv) route compared with the oral route, hopefully you will see the benefits gather your strength to bear the minimal discomfort… (we also have numbing cream! 😊)

Battle colds and flu with IV Nutrient Therapy

What does the evidence say?

A case study published in June 2018 reported IV infusion of Vitamin C effective shows immediate symptomatic relief from flu attack along with cutting the duration of infectious period13. The IV infusion of Vitamin C increases phagocytic activity of specific white blood cells, releases chemo toxins and kill the virus. IV infusions (drips) of Vitamin C can only reach to desired plasma concentration required to boost the immune response against viral attack – oral supplementation IS useful, but only IV administration can achieve the plasma levels for Vitamin C to become viricidal (herokesh).

It is always recommended take Vitamin C drips at the earliest onset of cold and flu symptoms, as it prepares body defense mechanism by up-regulating natural killer cells and T-lymphocytes to acts against the virus. Early intervention can also reduce the symptom intensity by providing anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect. However, the delay in Vitamin C administration will increase the number of infusions required.

Other useful nutrients and herbs to help fight the flu include:

  • Vitamin D
  • Echinacea
  • CoQ10

It has also recommended that intake of 500 mg echinacea twice a day, 100 mg of CQ10 four times a day along with multi-vitamin and minerals accelerate the internal healing process after flu attack13.



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