Why was Lochte banned for using IV drips?

why was lochte banned for using iv drips

Olympic Swimmer Banned from Professional Competitions for Using IV Drips – What did he do wrong?


So you may have seen on the news that US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has been banned from professional competition for 14 months after having an IV infusion.  At The Dripclub we are proud to be able to offer our athletes ASADA and WADA  compliant infusions to aid performance, recovery and repair.  The Dripclub has a vast number of professional athletes from all sporting codes coming to visit daily to keep their training, recovery and injury management on track.  All within the rules.  All solutes (vitamins and minerals) administered at The Dripclub are allowable and are NOT on the banned substances list.  The Dripclub “Performance Shots” can be used by professional athletes without fear.  If you are a professional athlete, get on board!  It is what ‘smart’ elite athletes do to get the edge and keep ahead of their competitors.


So are you confused yet?  You may ask “so why did Lochte get banned”?  Let us explain. 


It is not the solutes (vitamins and minerals) that are the problem.  It is the VOLUME OF FLUID given that is the problem.  ASADA and WADA have strict rules regarding the amount of fluid that may be administered to an athlete in a given period of time.  Again, it’s not the vitamins and minerals, it’s the water in the bag that is the issue.  If you have seen the movie based on Lance Armstrong’s cycling career called “The Program”, you will understand why this ruling exists in sports.  In the movie, Armstrong cheats a haematocrit test (a blood test which measures the number of red blood cells in the circulating whole blood) which is used to assess ‘blood doping’ or EPO use.  To cheat the test Armstrong administers himself 2 litres of saline (salty water) to dilute the blood, and therefore giving a lower percentage of red blood cells present in the sample taken by the testing authorities.


At The Dripclub you can be assured that as an elite athlete we have your safety, wellbeing and professional aspirations in mind when we offer you any of our intravenous infusions.  Most of the Drips on our Drips Menu can be made into one of our “Performance Shots”, which comply with the rules pertaining to intravenous infusions within the WADA and ASADA regulations (*click here to download our brochure to find out more).  If you are an athlete and wish to add this incredible recovery tool to your arsenal, we are here to answer all of your questions prior to your treatment.


Ryan Lochte banned as swimming legend posts incriminating photo of himself on IV vitamin drip


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